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Applications for membership are proposed at central council meetings. Decision to award membership rests with central council and criteria for membership is contained within the Articles of Association.

Full Membership:

Any person holding the qualification of a B.Sc. in Environmental Health, a Diploma in Environmental Health, a Diploma in Health Inspection, or who holds a qualification or position in the field of environmental health approved by Central Council shall be eligible for election as an ordinary member. (If you are unsure whether your qualification is suitable for membership of our association please contact the EHAI for advice.)  The cost of full membership is €57 per year.

Please note that submission of a completed application is not a guarantee of membership.  Membership applications are reviewed every quarter at the Central Council.  You may be contacted to discuss your application in more detail.

Student Membership:

Is available to all students currently undertaking a BSc in Environmental Health (or equivalent).  The cost of student membership is €1 per year.

If you wish to apply for membership with the EHAI please complete the following:

A decision will be taken at the next central council to ratify your application.  If you application is not ratified the €57/€1 will be returned to you.

Membership Application Form

Step 1:

Please upload a copy of your Environmental Health qualification (or most recent exam results if applying for student membership). Click the field above to select a file from your computer and then click the button below to begin the upload process. The file to be uploaded must be a PDF or Microsoft Word document and be no more than 1MB in size. Please wait for upload to complete before submitting your application. Please note, only upload the copy of your qualification (or exam results) at this time. If we need any further documentation we will be in touch.

Step 2:
Step 3: Personal Details

Please complete all fields in this section. Note: Work details are sufficient.


Students, please provide a personal email address as your DIT address will not be available after graduation.

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The following fields need only be completed if you have previously been a member of the Environmental Health Association of Ireland, otherwise they can be left blank.