The Environmental Health Association of Ireland (EHAI) is delighted to announce the launch of our new EHAI COVID-19 Training for Food Workers.


This Course was developed in response to the current COVID-19 situation and the need for dedicated training in this area as communicated to us by our Licensed Trainers.


This training is targeted specifically towards food workers.  For the purposes of this training food workers include food handlers, people who directly touch open food as part of their work. It also includes staff that may touch food contact surfaces in rooms where food is handled including managers, supervisors, cleaners and delivery workers.


The course material is based largely on FSAI and WHO guidance and focuses mainly on the increased importance of HACCP prerequisites in food businesses during this COVID-19 crisis. HACCP prerequisite programmes covered include good hygiene practice, cleaning & disinfection, personal hygiene and fitness to work. The Course material also covers some non-food safety areas including social distancing. The content of this training is in line with guidelines & advice from the HSE, HSA, FSAI and WHO.


The Course is intended to be delivered over approximately 90 minutes and an official EHAI Certificate of Completion is awarded to each learner.


The onus is on Food Business Operators and their employees to keep up to date with the most current advice and hyperlinks are provided throughout this Course Presentation to all the official information sources. It should also be noted that this course is not intended to replace the EHAI Primary Course in Food Hygiene or the Refresher Course.


Food businesses must ensure staff are trained appropriately in food hygiene and are properly supervised to reinforce good hygiene practices. Food businesses must also train staff in COVID-19 related procedures including fitness to work policy, social distancing and the use of PPE.


The EHAI Primary Course in Food Hygiene and our NEW COVID-19 Training for Food Workers are now being delivered via video link by our Licensed Trainers. Check out to find a course and book today.