Sustainability and food waste

Food business operators these days like the population at large are trying to be creative with ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprint.  Quantities of waste in a business can accumulate rapidly especially in businesses where meals are being prepared from scratch.  All the waste created from the preparation of raw food, and excess cooked food has to be disposed of in a hygienic and safe manner.  Recyclable packaging materials need to be stored hygienically before they are condensed, baled and dispatched to the recycling centre.  The management of all this should be provided for as a prerequisite to a good HACCP plan.  If you’re thinking about reviewing ways in which you want to operate your business in a more sustainable manner you should make sure that you don’t compromise on your HACCP.  If your systems change a review of your HACCP might be needed. You might need to book a Food Hygiene Course/HACCP training course to see where you stand.  You can contact the EHAI or follow the link to Visit our ‘Find a Course’ or ‘Find a Trainer’ page to book an EHAI course.  All the information you need to find a course or an approved trainer in your area is provided on