The rat that went viral ….social media and its impacts on a food business

A hard lesson for food businesses to learn, whether it be a closure order published on the Food Safety Authority of Ireland website or video recorded of an unwelcome visitor, negative news sells. Comments sections following any publication are bursting with jokes, memes but mainly anger. The public place their trust in the food sector and expect at minimum a safe delivery of service.  Break their trust, feel the impact. The public show no mercy! And as for viral videos, posters want reactions and that they get in droves so we can only expect more to come…

So how does one ensure it is never their business name splashed across a tabloid for the wrong reasons?  Food businesses by law have a duty of care to their customers.
 Understanding this point is key! The next step is spreading this message to the entire team and workforce.  The best medium for this is training.

A structurally sound premises with the best of surfaces and quality equipment will not protect a business from dirt, poor personal hygiene, poor operational hygiene and ultimately making a customer sick.  Both Management and staff need to understand the how’s and most importantly the whys. This is where quality training is a necessity.

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