More Closures of Food Businesses for Food Safety Concerns

More Closures of Food Businesses for Food Safety Concerns

Fourteen closure orders were issued in October 2019 for unsafe food production practices in food businesses across Ireland.  This is an increase on the number of closure orders issued in previous months with September, August and July coming in at ten, six and eight respectively. Each month the FSAI issues a press release which details the various reasons food businesses are shut down.  Maggots in fish, dead rats, gnaw marks on coffee bean bags and rodent paw marks are among the reasons for the orders issued last month. 

It is easy to understand that such publicity does no favours for the food business in question. The monthly FSAI press release goes viral on social media and customers vote with their feet, choosing not to visit a restaurant which was previously a favourite.

Food businesses need to guard against such failures in their HACCP systems and these closure orders show that integrated pest control systems are also essential.  A properly implemented HACCP plan will ensure that a food business not only produces safe food but guards against prosecution, improvement notices, prohibition orders and closure orders when the EHO comes to visit.

The EHAI is the representative body for EHOs and the EHAI Food Safety course has been written and designed by EHOs.  It demonstrates how HACCP can practically applied in a food business to produce safe food and how the food business can be protected from damaging publicity. 

Don’t delay, safeguard your business today.  Book an upcoming course or contact an EHAI approved trainer today.