More Food Safety Concerns at Celtic Pure

More Food Safety Concerns at Celtic Pure

A glance at the website of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland today reveals that a closure order was issued on the bottled water manufacturer Celtic Pure last Wednesday the 23rd October.  The closure order was issued by the HSE.  The company has been plagued with food safety concerns in the last number of months and this order comes hot on the heels of the latest recall of bottled water which was issued only the day before on Tuesday 22nd October.

This recall was due to the presence of Pseudomonas aerunginosa, Enterococci and E. coli bacteria in some batches of the water.  Pseudomonas aerungiosa can cause complications in severely immunocompromised people, for example those who have undergone transplants, or chemotherapy.  E. coli and Enterococci indicate contamination with faecal matter but don’t necessarily imply that illness will follow. Included in the recall were a number of batches of own-brand bottles of water, including bottled water sold in Aldi, Applegreen, Dunnes Stores, Gala, Ice Clear, Lidl, Londis, Workplace water and Plane, which is sold at Dublin Airport.

This is only the latest in a series of food scares associated with Celtic Pure bottled water, beginning in July with a recall because of higher than permitted levels of arsenic detected in the water. 

We at the EHAI are of the opinion that implementation of HACCP and good food safety training reward the food business owner.  And the opposite is equally true. In September the High Court confirmed the appointment of an examiner to Celtic Pure who were seeking protection of the court from creditors due to the fallout from the recalls issued.

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