Listeriosis-Prevention is Key!

Listeriosis-Prevention is Key!

Listeriosis-Prevention is Key!

Listeria is bacteria that can cause a serious illness called Listeriosis.  Listeriosis is usually caused by eating food contaminated by listeria which is found widely in nature.  The bacteria may be present in raw foods or contaminate foods after cooking or processing.

Who is at Risk

Those at higher risk of Listeriosis include:

Reducing the risk for Listeriosis

General recommendations:

WHO guidance on the prevention of Listeriosis is similar to guidance used to help prevent other foodborne illnesses.  It is important to respect the shelf-life and storage temperature written on labels of ready to eat foods to ensure that bacteria potentially present in these foods does not multiply to dangerously high numbers.  Training of staff in the importance of following these steps is key in helping to reduce the risk of Listeriosis infection.


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