Hand washing…. that old chestnut!

Hand washing…. that old chestnut!

With the flu season upon us, the Health Protection Surveillance Centre has tweeted a timely reminder to cover your cough and sneeze. The message stresses NOT to sneeze or cough directly into your hands without a tissue and to follow up with washing your hands. This is all in the hope of reducing the spread of the flu virus this season.

Recently too, the WHO/Europe have sent out a very important message regarding the role of good hand hygiene practices in preventing infections and delaying the spread of antibiotic resistant micro – organisms.

For food businesses and in particular food handlers the message is no different. The importance of good hand hygiene practices through effective food safety training cannot be over emphasized in the prevention of food borne illnesses.

It’s an oldie but a goodie ….. regular hand washing can protect your staff, customers and ultimately your business. A well informed food handler is an asset for any food business not to mention a requirement under the current food hygiene legislation.

Don’t delay, safeguard your business today.  The EHAI Primary Course in Food Safety is running at a number of locations around Ireland before the end of the year. This course covers a number of topics including personal hygiene and HACCP.  Have a look and see by clicking on the following link to our courses: https://ehai.ie/courses/ .

Alternatively you can book a course with an approved trainer https://ehai.ie/trainers/.