Unhappy Christmas for Food Safety Offenders

The FSAI have released their monthly press release naming 20 food businesses that were subject to enforcement orders in November of 2019.  This is the highest number of enforcement orders in 20 years and is an alarming statistic for customers and food businesses alike.  Food businesses were closed for (among other things) live rat infestations, cockroach infestations and  “substantial” pigeon faeces in a range of areas including food labelling printer and a food packing table.

The disturbing news comes hot on the heels of a statement by the World Health Organisation that 23 million people fall sick each year in Europe from food borne illnesses.  Of these 27 million people, 4,700 lose their lives.  Customers are now more aware than ever of the link between poor standards in businesses and sickness.  Trust in food safety is gradually being eroded and doubtless, the above food closures will mean a leaner Christmas for the food businesses involved.

Each food business must  safeguard against threats in their operation.  They must guard against food safety risks: buy from a reputable supplier, store food correctly to prevent deterioration, cook food safely and thoroughly and serve promptly.  The EHAI run a food safety course that gives practical, no-nonsense advice which allows a food business avoid the common pitfalls.  It is a course written and designed by EHOs, who are intimately aware of the legal requirements and the best method of compliance.

Don’t delay – safeguard your food business today and book an EHAI food safety course.