Heightened hygiene measures and education campaigns put in place because of the coronavirus pandemic will have positive effects on longer term food safety practices.


The COVID-19 outbreak has increased awareness of the need for personal hygiene practices such as frequent hand washing, to avoid transmitting the virus, and has reminded everyone that similar good hygiene practices are always required in the preparation and handling of food.


As we work through the reopening phases and as food businesses begin to resume operations food safety and hygiene will be vital to ensure consumer confidence and help the sector recover.


Frequent hand washing, sanitisers in homes, workplaces and on public transport have made hygiene and cleanliness a key focus against the pandemic. Hand hygiene is recognised as the single most important measure that individuals can take to interrupt the spread of communicable diseases. 


Did you know our EHAI Food Safety and HACCP courses are run via video link or zoom in these challenging times? In addition our training courses have been updated with a new Covid-19 section for food workers to reflect the new challenges food businesses and the hospitality sector face during the Covid -19 pandemic. For full details on the training process and how to book an EHAI training course please view the following link http://ehai.ie/blog or contact us at 01 276 1211.