Food safety culture within your business

Typical reasoning for improper behaviours often identified by your EHO involves misperceptions on safety risks, ineffective food safety training and a lack of understanding of food safety management system in place.

The food safety culture within your business essentially determines whether you find yourself complying with food safety legislation or falling short of your legal obligations.

Your staff are your greatest asset and investing in their behaviour and allowing them opportunity to appreciate the ‘why’ behind food safety and rewarding ‘good’ behaviour will see your food safety culture improve.  Humans like routine. In order to improve your food safety culture you want to make ‘good behaviour’ routine. 

But it doesn’t end with staff. It starts with management and it’s a continuous cycle. If you as the business owner or manager don’t have an understanding of HACCP or your overall food safety management system how can you expect to recognise good and bad behaviours in your staff?

So make that change.  Book an upcoming Food Hygiene Course/HACCP training course or contact an EHAI approved trainer.