Did it ever cross your mind, as you navigate your way through grocery stores, or order a takeout during the current pandemic: can the coronavirus be transmitted through food?

The good news is that some experts say that there's currently no evidence of this.  "We don't really have any evidence that food or food packaging is a source for getting sick" said Benjamin Chapman, a professor and food safety specialist at North Carolina State University.  However, the World Health Organisation (through the International Food Safety Authorities Network - INFOSAN), are currently searching for this evidence.  Investigations are currently being carried out on the persistence of the virus on foods traded internationally.  In the meantime, the WHO is advising against the consumption of raw or  undercooked animal products, including raw meat, milk or animal organs. 

Either way, food businesses need to do whatever is necessary to produce safe food.  Many of the food safety measures implemented in food businesses - frequent hand washing and the cleaning of surfaces and utensils - can help to prevent the spread of the disease. 

In addition, the EHAI have recently developed a Covid training course designed especially for food workers. The course material is based largely on FSAI and WHO guidance and focuses mainly on the increased importance of HACCP prerequisites in food businesses during this COVID-19 crisis. HACCP prerequisite programmes covered include good hygiene practice, cleaning & disinfection, personal hygiene and fitness to work. The Course material also covers some non-food safety areas including social distancing. The content of this training is in line with guidelines & advice from the HSE, HSA, FSAI and WHO.

Don't delay, safeguard your food business today!