Dark Kitchens

Dark Kitchens

Anybody heard of dark kitchens?  Nope me neither until this week – I thought dark kitchens just needed more lighting!

The boom in home-deliveries in the UK has seen food produced in satellite food-prepping stations known as ‘dark kitchens’.  Here staff work at preparing food solely for takeaway orders. 

Yes some of these may be compliant with the range of food safety legislation, designed to protect customers but others may not be so compliant. 
Reports of grim, windowless units or shipping containers where food is mass produced does nothing to encourage consumer confidence.  Business owners with only profits in mind may think investing in premises, equipment or staff training as optional extras.

We hope this trend doesn’t reach our shores and we continue to prefer to see staff demonstrating safe food handling practices as they prepare our food with their food safety certificates proudly displayed for customers.

The EHAI offer a range of food hygiene courses for all levels of food handlers including a refresher course for those who haven’t completed the course recently.

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