What We Do

EHAI leading the way in promoting excellence in environmental health

What We Do

The EHAI promote, educate and advise the public, our members, and related public bodies on environmental health and public health issues.

Our Values

Partnership, Professionalism, Altruism and Inclusivity underpin all EHAI work.  These shape all our activities and guide our work to ensure that we always meet the needs of the public and our members.

How we Act

In order for us to achieve our goal of improving environmental and public health we interact with four main groups:

The Public - We believe it is a basic human right to be healthy, happy and safe. We work to further this belief through advocacy, education and support to promote healthier environments for all. 

Our Members - We represent the collective and authoritative views of our members at the highest levels of policy making and consultation in Ireland.  We promote and provide training and professional development for all our members both here in Ireland and internationally. 

The Food Industry – We are Ireland’s leading provider of accredited food safety training in partnership with other training professionals in Ireland.  We focus on improving food safety knowledge and standards to the benefit of businesses, workers and the general public.

Policy Makers - We draw on the wealth of expertise and experience of our members to advocate for environmental and public health in Ireland.   As the trusted voice of our profession, we provide information, evidence and policy advice to national government, regulators, and stakeholders.